PM & Development Lead, Web Development (PHP, Yii), Frontend/Interaction Engineering (JavaScript, JS Prototype)

The iPanda project is an online platform that intelligently links 360° virtual tours of companies and cities. On the one hand, these tours enable companies to create or improve their online portfolio in a simple and uncomplicated way. End users, on the other hand, can navigate through the city and stationary companies from their home PC, but also by means of digital end devices, and obtain information about them.

Project coordination, web development (PHP, Zend, xtCommerce)

bachflohkrebse.de is one of the largest aquarium, terrarium, and koi fish food and accessories online stores in Germany. Among their selection are also now the biOrb designer aquariums from ReefOne. ieServices is responsible for the development of the website. Location: Stuttgart city center

WooCommerce (Onlineshop) und WordPress Anpassungen und Erweiterungen nach rechtlichen Standards für Deutschland.

In this project, the WordPress plugin developed by ieServices: "ieServices WordPress Locations Professional" was integrated once again and customized according to the client's corporate design.

WordPress Plugin Integration: ieServices WordPress Locations Professional

diepitchgabel.de is an online store for high quality designer golf pitch forks. Here, in cooperation with the Academy for Sport, Lifestyle and Media, a WooCommerce (based on WordPress) online store system was provided. ieServices carried out the customizations of WooCommerce here and adapted the online store to the customer-specific and legal requirements.

WordPress Plugin Integration: ieServices WordPress Locations Professional

In this project, the WordPress plugin developed by ieServices: "ieServices WordPress Locations Professional" was integrated for the first time and customized according to the client's corporate design. The "ieServices WordPress Locations Professional" plugin is based on the framework developed by ieServices: "ieServices WordPress Application Library Framework" with which WordPress plugins can be developed using OOP. Furthermore, the framework provides an MVC skeleton that speeds up the development accordingly.

Entwicklung eines web-based Video-Transcoding/Encoding System (PHP: Zend, ieServices Application Library, PHP Console)

pier111.tv is an alternative TV channel especially focused on short films and regional programs in the area of Baden-Württemberg. The idea originated from employees of the Stuttgart Media University. ieServices contributes to the development of the video encoding system to convert the different video formats into other video formats. This includes the formats for the playout system, the website as well as for mobile devices and the archive. Location: Stuttgart

WordPress Template Anpassung

Tanexis.org is an American media production company that is working or has worked on the documentary "After the fall" among others. The documentary is specifically about the history and events following the 9/11 attack and how New Yorkers are coping with these changes. Location: 19 World Trade Center, United States, New York, New York


Banner for Logo-Design Video Contest in Corporation with JAM FM

Project coordination, web development (PHP, Zend Framework, xtCommerce, WordPress)

ieServices is a Stuttgart-based web agency operating as a virtual company providing professional full-service web development based on the latest web development standards and best practices.

Using the latest project software and development methods, our network of freelance software developers as well as outsourcing service providers has enabled us to expand and maximize the effectiveness of our service offering in such a way that we can compete with the larger agencies as a software and IT service provider. Through intelligent agile project management, we are able to dynamically deploy resources on a project-by-project basis, simply as needed.

In our portfolio we develop small company websites as well as extensions for websites. But also before larger projects we do not shrink back in that we can develop a complete Web service. This is possible for us due to our expertise in the fields of IT, service management and online marketing. The main technology we use is open source, especially PHP and its based systems Zend and Yii Framework. We are familiar with the systems WordPress and xtCommerce (from 3.X). In the field of web front-end development we rely on Javascript and use framework jQuery, bootstrap UI, AngularJS, but also develop our own "ieServices JavaScript Application Framework".

However, apart from software development, we also offer valuable trainings that our programming coaches will familiarize your team with the latest techniques and tools to ultimately improve your development output and performance. At this point it would be interesting to mention that our company philosophy includes that every developer invests at least 4 hours of time every week in further education. That's why it's even more of a pleasure for us to be able to share our current expertise with you. The etz-stuttgart is our cooperation partner for trainings.

We are looking forward to your visit and would like to introduce our company with our projects and references on this page.

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  • Profession to set up IP routers, gateways and vpn’s


Operating Systems

  • Windows Server: Windows 2000, Windows 2003 (IIS, DNS, DHCP)
  • Windows Clients: Windows XP, Windows Vista (Destroying Trojaner, Boost System)
  • Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Asterisk at home, Debian)
  • MacOSX (Since 10.4)




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