11 March 2011, Comments: 0

Yeah, please watch BBC news for just 10 min and then please post more and more so “funny stuff” here on facebook as nothing happens….


No, I don’t wanna blame anyone – but I don’t understand, why people are still laughing their asses of, while the media is showing pictures, while millions of families are ruined and thousands of people are dying…

I recommend: Please shut up, be quiet and stay at least one day without being fucking funny or ‘I’m VIP’. I excepted more tactfulness.

Just think about what people (maybe even in your contact list – which are DIRECTLY affected by this) might think about you…

Somehow, I see the world as a little bit “as media and film polluted” and we are not even more able to differ between action movies and the reality.

Humanity is indeed a virus – and PLEASE PROOF ME WRONG – it’s your turn ;)

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