European Union decides to move Amsterdam to Germany

1 April 2012, Comments: 0

We all hear about it. The effects of the global warming is noticeable every year more and more. The sea level is rising every year and people living on cities with a low level are mostly concerned.

Scientists have calculated, that the sea level in 5-6 years in the Netherlands will be so high, that the Dutch water defense system around the region of Amsterdam will not be able anymore to handle the water level down. Even if they would upgrade their water system and dikes, the costs with reaching almost 20% of the GDP of Netherlands are be beyond all prices.

This leads unavoidable to the effect, that the water level will be increased to a level, where most buildings of Amsterdam will be flooded and the whole region will be uninhabitable.

These fact gave alarm to the European Union and they thought about different measures they could perform.

Considering all costs the cheapest variant to solve this problem, is, to actually buy the 219 square kilometers of land, which is the size of Amsterdam in Germany close to the city Nordhorn. This region is close to the Dutch border and belongs to the country of Bentheim. Their Count ‘von Eugen’ decided to support this project, since the great-great-aunt was Dutch. He offered his land cheaper than usual, since he call sell almost 87% of his land by moving the whole city.

City planners hired by the EU also had given notice, that in that landscape of the region around Nordhorn is almost perfect to actually build up the city almost in the same shape as before. Currently Dutch workers and water engineers are sent out starting to dig the new channels circular as we all know it from the city center of Amsterdam.

They expect to build up Amsterdam in about 10 years, but already 40% of the population of Amsterdam will be able to live in their new homes in about 3-4 years.

To cover, that all people of Amsterdam will be able to leave the region other measurement are taken to give people shelter.

Part of the measurements are all the other countries in the European Union, which have to receive people from the Netherlands and offer them their shelter.

The result is a new law, which will be enacted by the EU in two weeks from today, at the 14. March 2012. Families outside the Netherlands with more then 20 square meter per person have to receive one person from Amsterdam in their homes up to the level, that they reach the level of 20 squre meter per person.
To execute this law families, which are refusing can be fined with 5000 € per person.

To avoid a massive stream of people to one family, there is the rule, that every family with one child has to adopt a new born Dutch. For families with an income of more then 35,000 € per year or owning two cars have follow the same instructions.

The project is called ‘Sloof Lir pa’, which is a mixture of Dutch and Latin and means ‘the moving city’.

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